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Allowing kitesurfing in Greek waters again



Hellenic Coast Guard recently made a decision establishing some rules in Greece for the recreation activity of kitesurf in Greek waters along with procedures and restrictions that have to be followed by the clubs renting kitesurf equipment for safety purposes.

According to the above decision, kitesurf as a recreation activity is only allowed in beaches that have been rented by private persons or companies (clubs) for kitesurf purposes only.

As a result, kitesurf has been declared as an illegal recreation activity to all other beaches in Greece.

In addition, many of the restrictions included in the related decision, made kitesurf activity looks like an impossible mission!

KiteMag.gr Editorial Team, after consulted legal advisors, started a protest by developing a petition and announced it to the Greek Kiteboarding Community, requesting their support by signing it. The petition letter was sent to the proper superior authority of Hellenic Coast Guard which is the Secretary General of Security – Maritime Navigation of the Minister of Citizen Protection.

As a result, Secretary General of Security – Maritime Navigation suggested a meeting with KiteMag.gr  Editorial Team in week 23. The aim of the meeting is to claim our arguments and suggest our proposals in the frame of keeping kitesurf recreation activity free. We do understand that logical, functional, and safety rules have to be established in respect of swimmers and all other sea activities.

Due to the fact that Greece is attracted to many kiteboarders/kitesurfers from all over the world, we initiate this international petition giving them the change to support our effort. We expect logical, functional, and safety rules to be established, but banning kitesurf is not the solution.

Please don’t mess up and keep out any political or economical situation of Greece (thanks in advance)


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