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Ocean Rodeo Greece!

Ocean Rodeo is proud to announce the latest addition to the Crew, KiteClub.gr.

KiteClub.gr has long been Greece’s largest and best kite community forum and is now Ocean Rodeo’s latest outlet for our high quality, consumer driven equipment in Europe.

Ocean Rodeo is delighted to be working with KiteClub.gr and very much looks forward to working with the forum and it’s community to welcome that community into the Crew environment of Ocean Rodeo as part of our larger community focus on riders, their needs and their desires as they relate to kiteboarding equipment. The Crew is a massive part of Ocean Rodeo’s huge success and KiteClub.gr’s community of riders come with open arms into our family of riders and enthusiasts.

KiteClub.gr is open for business. If you live in Greece or Europe and are looking for Ocean Rodeo equipment please drop by their site or email them directly for information about our amazing 2010 line up of equipment!


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